KN95 General Protective Mask


Product Details

  • High-filtration efficiency with 3 layers
  • Easy to breath through
  • Compliance with GB 2626-2006 (KN95)
  • 3-layer Purification
  • Melt-blown nonwovens. Moderate thickness for particle absorption.
  • High efficient in filtering out particles.

Product Structure

This product is made of cover body, nose clip and mask tape.

Storage Method

Recommended Storage Conditions Humidity <80% Non- corrosive Gas and Well-ventilated Clear Clean the room. Note that before use, the wearer must read and understand the instructions for use


1. Avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands in order to keep the mask clean.
2. Do a tight inspection immediately after wearing a dust mask to ensure that the mask is properly placed
3. Hands should be cleaned before a mask every time. Always wear a mask if exposed to dust.
4. Change the mask as soon as possible when the resistance to breathing is significantly increased or when the mask becomes dirty and damaged
5. This mask can not be washed with water, washing will destroy the structure of filter material, resulting in penetration and destruction of electrostatic filter material filtration performance.
6. Unused masks should be stored in a clean environment to prevent damage, dirty, sticky dust, direct sunlight. high temperature or harmful chemical contamination, etc. Avoid mask distortion when storing masks
7. masks can not be sterilized by microwave oven (non-sterilized).

Sold by Carton (case) only
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Guangzhou Aiyinmei Co., Ltd is located in Fuyuan Road, Huadu District, Guangzhou City. Ai Yin Mei focuses on labor protection protective equipment, personal protective equipment, KN95 mask R & D, production and sales services. now put into production workshop 2000 square meters, of which 2000 square meters
workshop is 100000 grade purification workshop, specialized in the production of functional masks for various purposes including KN95 masks, national standard masks, disposable masks, children's masks, high quality disposable masks, etc

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